I've attempted to write a blog at least 4 times today and I've erased them all. There has been much transition in my life within the past few weeks, a break up, settling into a new home and living alone again for the first time in 11 years. This is what I have been calling in for myself and I am grateful although there's much matter to contemplate. Presently, I can't weave. I have a show this upcoming weekend and everytime I sit to transfer the emotional matter into the physical, I give up and sit my ass on the floor and stare. At the moment, this is my way of being an artist. I started an entry on the way of the artist, with all the complexities in a vast world, of being a bright individual carving out a successful journey in the myriad of many. And, I erased all the words because at the moment, this is my manner of being an artist. Sitting with discomfort, accepting reality as it is and knowing it's within my minds ability to create the change I'd like to see moving forward. It's extracting the moments that cause suffering and realizing the patterns that need to be unwoven and unlocked for future progress. At the moment, I'm 100% okay with my inability to generate. By nature, I'm one hell of a generator so when the waterfalls of mystical inspiration pour down, I'm prolific. At the moment, I am still watery and in the flow of the changing chapter from hour to hour. And, I'm grateful for it all. There are no complaints in the way the fates have woven this little chapter as I know there are always mounds of gold behind this moment. In the meantime, here is what is visually moving me while I gestate on what threads to bind together for beauty.


And post script, Dior nailed it with the 2018 collection. x