Years ago, when I was coming to know Brooklyn day and night, I was introduced to a beautiful boutique that made my heart melt with all it's curated beauty. This store was Beautiful Dreamers and I will never forget the palpitations I had walking in there. One of the pieces that caught my eye immediately, aside from the giant swing in the window with vines growing around it, was a piece of Taiana's work. My eyes were drawn to the strong presence her work held and at this time, I wasn't too acquainted with the artwork of felting. I fell in love and couldn't stop gazing at the textural wonders that had a spirit of both the light and the shadow. Something about them lingered and it was less than a few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting her at an opening at Roseark without even realizing who she was! Some people go starstruck immediately for the celebrity fame, I, on the other hand, can feel my knees go weak and all the goofiness of my soul compensating so I can able to say hello and engage when I meet a designer I respect. TWO of them in fact! . Well, Taiana is absolutely darling and quite easy to converse with. The same for Toree from Fauxtale. Toree has been creating this whimsical head crowns, body harnesses made of porcupine quills and all bits harvested from animals whose lives have passed. Her work is of the Earth and speaks a language of pure appreciation for the found gifts all spirits leave behind. Fauxtale is majestic and enchants you from the get go.. I began to dream up what it would be like to be on a merry go round with Marie Antoinette wearing one of Toree's crowns, flowers dripping down the sides or butterfly collars playing peek a boo. Both of these women truly inspire me and I am grateful we have been given the chance to be surrounded by beautiful, friendly and insanely talented women. Here is the photoshoot they whirled up. All items were pulled from the boutique we all showcase our work in, Roseark. All these items are available there. I am also appreciative of the introduction to this beautiful photographer, Blue Caleel. 





Blue Caleel Photography shot these. Fauxtale headpieces, Ghost Dancer woven dress  and the raven cape on the dreamy Taiana from Taiana Designs. 



Rhiannon GriegoComment