Jewelry Inspiration

As the countdown till the jewelry launch begins, I have been enjoying the slow share of inspiration that has moved this collection. Nebulae, meteor showers, emanating light from cosmic debris as it enters the atmosphere, wind blown yardangs and desert rock formations, the structured shape of Art Deco architecture and beveled Art Deco mirrors have all made their subtle contributions. This collection is both sculptural and fashion oriented, as well as designed for the fine jewelry collector who appreciates the power of stones. Tourmaline is the first semi-precious stone I’ve designed with as it’s colors are fascinatingly all over the board, mysterious in varying lights and it’s rod shape has always held a comfortable aesthetic for me. Tourmaline is mined in Brazil, Mozambique, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, California, Namibia, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. I found it’s natural shaped and augmented shape after cut paired most complimentary with settings inspired by well known Art Deco buildings around the US. Stay tuned.

Rhiannon Griego