Black Balloons in Mojave

Photographed by Chelsea Brewer in collaboration with Ghost Dancer



I've had an obsession with balloons ever since the film the "Red Balloon" came into my sphere at a young age. Something about the movement of wind behind the balloon captured me. Perhaps it is the way the lifelike persona of this intangible cherry red dream tantalizes the little boy below, it's this caravaning dream that hovers above that caught my eye as a child. Whatever it is or whatever Jung might say about my psyche, balloons against an empty sky have mesmerized me for many a moons. They've been a focal point for dreaming up shoots and this one was a blast. Chelsea and I ventured off into a scorching day while wrangling all these black balloons, the store owner thinking we were off to a funeral. Here's what we shot while frolicking minimal shade and sandstone castles in the Mojave. X



Rhiannon GriegoComment