Feminine Light of Carlota Guerrero

Summer has come and occupied this nimble fingers of mine for other means than typing. I still romanticize the idea that all writers and storytellers of written word use typewriters but I yet have to find one who steadily does. With the work load rains, writing takes a quiet seat in the back of the engine revving engine. I output more during these high volumes than I intake. In the spirit of intaking rather than emitting creative steam of the verbose kind, I'd like to input the feminine light of Carlota Guerrero. 

Carlota Guerrero is a photographer and art director based in Barcelona who works on personal and commissioned projects. She recently directed Solange's new video which enabled me to come across her work. When I look at her work, I feel like I'm coming across one of those round cornered photographs from a relatives album, grainy and soft with the filter of fog on a grey day. Vintage and timeless, a piece of art that will teleport you to a day in 1972. I have found a softness within her work and her art direction. Her interview on ID Vice proposed this questions and has resonated deeply with me albeit such a short, simple answer. 

ID VICE: What does girl power mean to you?
The power I find in my body and soul is infinite and that power is strengthened when I get to share it with other women. Together we are powerful beyond measure.

When I think about the unknown and winding journey with Ghost Dancer, I think about my success and how that directly translates into the ability to continue to collaborate and directly work with other talented women. To me, one ray of the sunshine of success is the ability to financially support other artists, without that funding for my own work or others, we are hobbying. From day one, I have set my sights on a list of photographers that I dream of working with, spending long hours in mystical settings creating art together. I hope this road will bring me to a place where I may work with Carlota. 

IG: @carlota_guerrero

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