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Alas, I'm releasing the mysterious woven line I have been constructing for some time. 

This latest endeavor of mine, Silken Roads, has been a collection in the gentle brewing stage for a year and a half. The relief that comes with finally birthing a project is radiant and iridescent. I wouldn't refer to the release as an endeavor, exactly. Rather, it is an evolution--a new listening to the artist's song of spirit. Ghost Dancer's identity has metamorphised in a new light. Though I am not certain how it will unfold in its next chapters, I embrace the mystery. When weaving was introduced to my life, my spirit climbed out onto a new branch of being to tell new stories. Not only has weaving been a physical shift--the horizontal movements of tossing the shuttle to and fro--but my hands now speak a subtler, tactile language. I identify with textiles in a new manner and it's almost as if I am blind, seeking answers, admiring textural composition, searching for a weaver's answers to philosophical questions by way of the woven medium. 

Two years ago, I came across a woman who had been collecting antique Japanese silk from silk houses that produced garments for emperors.  Her unique focus to this particular area of silk  piqued my own curiousity into the origins of fibers. I recall witnessing the spider webs little silk worms would spin in my youth, and how it propelled me to indulge in the widespread luxury one little worm could create. Thus, after learning more about how the Silk Road itself unified the expansive world of antiquity, my appreciation for a delicate thread in life grew tremendously. All life itself is woven into circles upon circles, with infinite threads that bind them. Silk became this metaphor for life, the precious web we all weave. I often allow my mind to wander into antiquity and to revel in what life would have been like with oceans of thoughts, philosophy, culinary delight, opulent garments all arriving from the Orient via trading. I often find wisdom in these reveries because they plead for reminders of origin. They plead for attention to detail, acknowledgment of the way we walk and the places we source our materials. As with any channeling and focus of the spirit, I aim to bring all into a place of gratitude, a luxurious standstill where we honor all life down to the tiniest of threads and honor those who fulfilled their roles of uniting the world.

Silken Roads is the long-awaited arrival of woven jewelry by Ghost Dancer. Aside from metaphors, symbols, myths and ethos for a beautiful and attentive way of walking beauty in this world, it's a collection of precious time and silks. My intention was to share jewelry in a new context, equally as timeless and potent as anything previously made. When I stop to look at the collection, I find refinement and maturity in the grounds of this new collection. The flirtatiousness of fringe beads has ventured away for a spell and elegance and uniqueness replace the whimsicality. I dream every woman could connect with such delicate lightness of this new collection and continue to cherish these as time and trends fade. In a respect, this collection is a new adornment of the ancient future.

I am quite grateful to all of the truly magical friends who shared their creative talent, time and wardrobe. 

Kacie Tomita - photographer -
Jane Anne Thomas - model -
Tracy Conti McCarty- stylist-
Jennifer Alden - MUA -
Jaclyn Hodes - clothing contributor-
Willow Knows - clothing contributor -
Mercy Vintage - clothing contributor -
Scout - clothing contributor -
Gladys Tamez- milliner-



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