Image shot by Ashley Gordon.

Image shot by Ashley Gordon.

Ghost Dancer Bio.

Rhiannon Griego is weaver and jewelry designer based out of Ojai, California. Her intrinsic connection to nature is one of the many woven threads that has allowed her to explore her process as a fiber artist. Each year behind the loom, she delves further into the origins of myth through weft and warp, displaying landscape like imagery through organic matter. 

Never one to sacrifice true education to merely cater to the satisfaction of mainstream modalities of schooling, once Rhiannon found her calling to create within the fiber & visual arts, she delved intensely into education in these forms with direct learning & engagement through the centuries old practice -  & art itself - of apprenticeship. After one class with a weaver, Rhiannon immersed herself within the realms of textile. Drawing upon her one sliver of her lineage, Tohono Oodham, she found a intuitive compass guiding her towards the binding of fibers to weave her world.  Her textile works have continued to build in intricacy & singularity over the years with rigorous study of many influential disciplines, such as the Wabi Sabi foundation of Saori weaving, enabling not just manual skill but also by finding meditation within the repetition and movements of the loom.  

Initially inspired to carve cameo’s and the alchemy of transforming wax to metal, Rhiannon’s first creations were bronze castings and jewelry. It is this unique and free flowing amalgamation of weaving and jewelry design, of fibers and metals, of natural materials in a world increasingly indifferent/unaware of its natural origins and organics, that fosters a direct link to experimentation for this artist, as she has come to understand how the polished world is derived from the wild. With nature and time as recurring focal points in Griego’s works, the reality of Time as a finite resource within these forces has allowed her to carve out a practice that consumes her focus enough to allow her to follow what innately guides her. In her fiber works and jewelry you will find that contrast itself as a subject continually emerges as a means of, ultimately, “meeting my edge and finding the softness within, much like metal and fiber.”

Words from the artist:

“Ghost” represents my communication with my ancestors, the richness of history and time travel. When I refer to Ghost, it is representative of that which has come before and could be interchangeable with time and history. Ghost Dancer is a reference to drawing inspiring from all antiquity, art, jewelry, architecture throughout all cultures and time. I consider myself someone who dances with time, all the ghosts of history and honors it’s vast legacy by making reference to it. My heritage is comprised of three lineages and from two, I have found direct connection to the mediums of fiber, these are the ancestors I am in contact with as guides. My artwork is not associated with the Ghost Dance of the Lakota & Pauite people.